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Nest boxes are a conservation measure for birds, which helps to alleviate the damage caused by human actions on the natural or urban environment. Forest policies, the removal of dead trees, smallness of fields and minimum vegetation, the restriction of movement, use of poisons such as pest control are some of the causes that are resulting in the decline in many species.

Placing artificial nests help reduce these problems.

At we are helping to encourage the return of these habitats for birds to promote their recovery. In cities and towns we are constructing without thinking of our flying friends who are seeking shelters to rest and reproduce.

Not all birds need support - domestic pigeons breed successfully in urban areas and are displacing other species. Furthermore they accelerate the deterioration of the buildings that they occupied by the accumulation of their droppings. If these holes are filled with specially designed ceramic nests then the Pigeons are unable to land and consequently encourage other species to accommodate them. These measures we propose put the pigeons in the right place, because the new nests limit their nesting to ledges and hollows.

The consequence of encouraging other birds increases biodiversity and improves the urban environment generally. Species such as swifts, swallows, kestrels and owls will be able share their lives with us.

We also need to educate younger people to appreciate the environment who will see these nests and consider the normality of their presence.

In the rural environment it is also necessary to change traditional habits and eliminate and encourage new bird species which will help control pests and rodents.Placing nest boxes in old buildings and silos will help stabilize the delicate environment.

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